Cystic Fibrosis Families

Core Program Components:

Client Assistance:
Katie’s Kause offers assistance in several forms. Transportation is essential. All Cystic Fibrosis families need to get their child to and from hospital visits and medical appointments up to several times per month. Families are provided with resources they need to get to these appointments whether it is gas cards, transportation passes, car repair and one-time assistance with car insurance.

Housing Assistance:
Katie’s Kause works with families to identify how best to assist them. Many families come to us trying to balance paying their monthly housing expense and providing medical for their child. In many cases they cannot do both so they choose to provide the much needed medical prescriptions and quickly get behind in their monthly rent and or mortgage payment. Katie’s Kause will provide up to three months rent and or mortgage to help these families. We also work closely with the families to link them to all appropriate available services in the community.

Medical Assistance:
Katie’s Kause works closely with Cystic Fibrosis social worker at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and other local hospitals as well as the family to evaluate all medical needs: monthly medical prescriptions, medical in home equipment, monthly medical appointments and travel. We will work with the families to network them with appropriate referral services such as counseling and legal issues provided through partner agencies. Katie’s Kause will help with monthly prescriptions, hospital costs and medical equipment on a case by case need.

Education Assistance:
Katie’s Kause is proud to anncouce in 2014 because of support from new funding partners, we will be adding an education assistance program. With this program we intend to offer tuturing services to children with CF who have had prolonged hospital stays and/or are falling behind in school due to CF.

Click here to download our Application For Financial Assistance.

Click here to download our Application For Tutoring Assistance.

Click here to download Doernbecher Cystic Fibrosis Family Council's Cystic Fibrosis Handbook.

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